The Professor is back from an extraordinary journey.  Having done my finest work from an armchair over the past decade, getting back into the field was most invigorating!

In 1840, I discovered that the first Mr. Quentin Collins had crafted a working time portal in the form of a staircase.  As you can imagine this was a hideously dangerous device in his unwary hands.  I urged them to destroy it.  As I mounted the stairs and returned to our age, his cousin, Mr. Desmond Collins, smashed the gateway behind me and burned the plans forever.

Well, the original plans.  In my pocket were schematics for a much improved version.  The TS 2.0 shall be completed within the week.

My brothers, we have the wisdom and foresight to use them as we’ve used all of our advantages: to make a difference.  JM Barrie said that “to die will be an awfully big adventure.”  Quite true, but we have bigger ones before us.  I leap into them with vigor.  Who’s with me?


Timothy Eliot Stokes, Ph.D.

ps – Hellfire!


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