Angelique.  I will never again say that name without feeling a bliss I have never known.

Stripped of her abilities, Angelique was left only with her humanity.  That proved to be her greatest power ever, and the only one that mattered.  She stopped the execution by proclaiming everything she had never said before.  Desmond then ended the nightmare by shooting Gerard Stiles.  With his death came the end of Warlock Judah Zachary.  Zachary was, in my opinion, the reason this family has suffered through the centuries, leading to the bitterness and decay I found in Roger, Elizabeth, Carolyn, and David when first we met.  His curse was a slow and excruciating poison, and it is no more.

For my part?  I saved no one.  Angelique deserves the credit.  With all respect and love, Joshua, she turned out to be the greatest Collins of them all.  How can I help but to love her?  I realize now that I always have.  My fondness for Josette, fascination with Miss Winters, and kinship Roxanne will never end.  They were comforts to me.  Angelique was danger.  When the others left my life, I was despondent, but I soldiered on.  Had I allowed myself to admit my love for Angelique, and she were to suffer the same fate, why soldier on at all?

I have braved everything except my own heart.  Now, with fewer years ahead of me than behind, I no longer have that luxury.

I only have Angelique.

I am, at last, complete.



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