To Doctor Michah Brookridge, Commissioner, Collins County

Dear Commissioner,

It is with all respect to the office and the people of Collins County that I, Amos Fuller, esquire, do hereby resign my post as county prosecutor.  The special tribunal being held in the case of the People v. Quentin Collins is, in this barrister’s opinion, an insult to the intelligence and fairness of the populace, a danger to its moral and social welfare, and is in no way Constitutional.  If Quentin Collins were a witch, this would fall under the protection of the First Amendment.  We would then need to ignore that protection to explore a causal relationship between the crimes of the recent months and this dimension of Mr. Collins’ religious life.  My work is based upon establishing proof.  Our first task would be to establish that witchcraft is a religion.  It is not.  The second would be finding incontrovertible evidence to establish that Mr. Collins is an adherent.  The third would be to establish a motive for Mr. Collins.  The fourth would be to establish that Mr. Collins effectively used witchcraft to pursue those ends.  If successful, this would then establish that witchcraft, out of all religions, was the one to actually reach reliable results, for how many times have prayers to the Christian God gone unanswered?  If you can prove that Christianity, supposedly the most powerful religion in existence, can achieve the same results as Mr. Collins’ alleged ‘Black Arts,’ then I shall take up my post again with reverence and pride.  If you cannot, then none shall have fear if I end this notice thusly: God damn the enemies of Mr. Quentin J. Collins.


Amos Fuller, attorney-at-law



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