He was a legend used to frighten me when I was a boy.

Tonight, in the woods, he has been unleashed.  And if what we now face is even a fraction of the legend, Judah Zachary will be far more dangerous than Gerard Stiles.  When Angelique would utter a curse, men died.  When Zachary uttered a curse, it was said that nations fell.  This, from someone who appeared to be simply a modest schoolteacher.

I quizzed Quentin and his knowledge of Judah Zachary is quite complete and accurate.  We immediately set forth on a hunt.  One body has been found, and more are surely to follow.

The domestic, Hortense, was the victim.  This loss is of arguable importance with regard to household operations.  Quentin had already fired her, and eating the woman’s Yorkshire pudding was like masticating drywall.  However, the event of her death opens up the position for Daphne Harridge, and I believe that is a keystone to the tragic path recorded by history.  If her association with the Collins family can be severed, perhaps the timeline can be diverted from its apocalyptic endpoint.  I have sent Julia to dissuade her from accepting any offers.

If that is a success, then we need only resolve the matter of the resurrection of the deadliest force for evil to have ever been recorded in Collins lore.  Well, prior to Angelique, Nicholas Blair, Count Petofi, and the Leviathans.

I’d rather deal with them.  Collectively.




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