My initial instincts on Lamar Trask were the more trustworthy ones.  Tonight, he accosted me with a written testament by his father that bolsters his suspicions of me.  It was one of the letters written in the 1790’s toward the end.  I suspect it contains the truth, which would be most nettlesome.  The one time a Trask finally writes something accurately would be the one time it would cause me the maximum inconvenience.

In thinking of it, the Reverend Trask was well-intended… and finally dealt some justice when I revived him.  I can only imagine trying to convince him of that.  

Carolyn’s avatar of this age is, as I feared, another Faye… the Letitia Faye she became in 1970.  Yes, another Faye.  Why do they keep coming to Collinsport?  There is a significance, but what?  Also gifted with second sight, Miss Faye attempted to scan the letter from the elder Trask, and I narrowly avoided its revelation.  If only I’d destroyed the letter.


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