Collinwood of 1840 was a puzzle missing one crucial piece.  It is now in place.  If only I understood the picture it all creates!

Daphne Harridge arrived today, skulking about Collinwood with a cover story (involving an accident) we later found to be patently false.  Desmond seems most keen on her, however, we know that she will be linked with Quentin.  The former has come to her defense, drowning me in the benefit of the doubt regarding her.  I assumed she would already be a known quantity, but I have found her to, it seems, be a stranger to all.

I want to tell Quentin everything.  Is that my sentimental association with the “old” Quentin coming through?  He knows of the occult, and if anyone were likely to believe us, it would be he.  Julia, as ever the bulldog for common sense, forbids this bold move for progress. I may simply confide in him, anyway.



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