I have encountered Gerard Stiles and his specious tale of Quentin I’s death.  I say ‘specious’ because I had solid evidence that Quentin I and Tad existed beyond this time, and Gerard neither produced nor saw the bodies.  He returned with the sad news, as “Quentin’s best friend,” and has loafed about Collinwood ever since.  I have seen enough jobless layabouts invade the Collins home with falsehoods to feel confident that he is yet another.  I am the author of most of these tales, myself, and as the French say, “we can smell our own.”

Gerard is as transparent as Angelique’s nightgown, but there is far less to appreciate beneath the veneer.

(I also took note of his rather questionable coiffure, one that would seem laborious to maintain even by the likes of Bruno.)

I openly played my hand of doubt to stimulate a response from him.  He seems well-oiled in obsequiousness, but a master-villain of occult evil, Mr. “Hair” Stiles is not.  What will change?




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