Headquarters has moved.  I have retreated to Collins Hall, where Eliot and I have chosen the most dangerous path possible.  It is also the only path possible.  For Carolyn’s madness continues and Quentin is a suicidal lunatic.  (Were I in a jesting mood, I would put an emphasis on the “luna.”)  The runaway ghost of Gerard Stiles is of greatest concern.  Quentin’s ghost (and perhaps this is a posteriori reasoning) seemed satisfied to rule Collinwood.  Gerard’s seems to have a more expansive brand of evil.

With Eliot’s help, I will again use the I Ching, I shall again follow the door back to another year, 1840.  There, I shall avenge the death of my family and the evaporation of Dr. Hoffman back to (I presume) the horror of 1995.

The wands are ready.  The mission begins.



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