Dear Barnabas,

I know a devil party when I see one.  

Those brats had one upstairs.  A real swinger of one.  Candles and a star on the floor and a boat.  David is up to no good.  If you find me dead, use this note so you know that I was waiting for you to come.

You may want to look for Maggie. Maggie is looking sick. That happened when the dog started yelling.  You know what kind of dog I mean. Is that you?

I still need $$ for crackers.  Julia will need to get the crackers if I am dead from the devil.

Your pal,


ps — I found this little comic book with a yellow cover that is about why this devil stuff is bad and you and Julia should read it. I used it as a bookmark in that Reader’s Digest on the back of Julia’s toilet.


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