(ed. note: The following Hoffman journals have been translated from a mix of Latin and Mandarin Chinese, apparently used to obfuscate their contents.  We have translated them to the best of our ability to retain authorial intent and tone.)

If you find this journal, I hope to God I’m already dead.  If I am, use these.  They have become your responsibility.  If you are an enemy, congratulations.  You’ve won.  If you are a friend, use them.

My name is Dr. Julia Hoffman.  I’m going to try and tell you everything and not too much.  At the same time.

I have come to this era from the year of 1970 by way of a special staircase constructed for that purpose.  In that time, the ghost of Gerard Stiles has just destroyed Collinwood.

Hell, what are you supposed to do with that nugget of truth?  Stop Gerard, I suppose.  But what does that mean?

I’m used to another person, one familiar with the past, dealing with these crises.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  I do know that Gerard is dangerous, and that Tad is not dead.  Neither is Quentin.  You need to find Ben Stokes.  He’s helping me and he will help you.

I’m going to update this as often as I can.  Right now, I just have to invent a new persona, get the right clothes, and maybe find a cigarette.

“Julia Collins”  From England?  Of course.

Congratulations, Julia.  You finally get to be a Collins.  In 1840.




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