From the beast’s first awakening, I have longed for one companion.  Everyone in my life leaves me.  Either I destroy them or I am unable to prevent their destruction.  Sometimes, they simply see me as I am.  That is enough.

There is only one foe I have the power to outwit: time. Whilst time is the nemesis of mortals, it has no meaning for me nor anyone in the kingdom of the beast.  But to force someone into that kingdom?  My conscience forbids it.  When it does not, then fortune blocks the path.  Either way, I am alone.

I never believed that I would stumble upon another lonesome soul in this garden.  I have.

Roxanne is she.  Tormentor of Maggie?  I am in no place to pass judgement on that, for I have done the same.  Julia has been most peculiar in this regard.  She was insistent on bringing Roxanne to me, and then she was equally insistent that I destroy her.  Does Julia simply desire to inflict maximum pain?  There are times when she’s more of a butcher than healer.  Tonight was such a night.

The bond I have felt with Roxanne is no longer a mystery.  My future with her is.



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