The circumstances of Carolyn’s terminal list from 1995 mount faster than I ever imagined.  Tonight, the Carolyn of 1970 called the family into the drawing room to “sing her song.”  Thus, that portion of the prophecy is fulfilled.  More disturbingly, the song was “I Want to Dance with You,” which Carolyn’s counterpart in 1897, the possessed Charity Trask, sang with a maddening frequency.  Her behavior is more and more detached, like that of the children.  Tonight, as they entered a room with Elizabeth, the temperature dropped at least twenty degrees.  They remained oblivious, and it was the combination of the objective chill and the denial of such by David and Hallie that finally shattered Elizabeth’s reluctance.  Even she had to abandon the pleasant framework of her horoscopes and admit that Collinwood is crumbling.  With her blessing, I am departing to take the children to stay with Professor Stokes until this crisis has ended.

They may be there for a very long time.

Quentin has become a distracted, disinterested lay-about.  Carolyn seems somewhere between here and 1897.  The children are evasive and insular.  Maggie has been bitten by one of my kind, quite hidden, and is being drained of life and will with a deliberate sadism.  The prophecies are all coming into fulfillment.

When I arrived from 1995, none of these things were existent.  I failed to stop any of them… even a simple picnic.  I cannot even prevent a picnic.

If the Collins family falls, the blame must rest with me.




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