Barnabas and Julia seems obsessed with all matters doom and gloom, and yet it doesn’t seem to be high on my agenda.  I’m…  lonely.  Yes, that old demon is back.  Julia just says I want a drinking partner (and I have a case of Galway Pipe with your name on it), but I know that it’s more.  We’ve been besieged by ghosts and goblins, but when haven’t we?  The latest are a pair that I’m not sure my dead-self-that-never-was ran into, so I’m not too worried.  But the woman is asserting herself into our world.  Julia took me by her grave.  “Daphne” is a lovely name, and her manifestations in my dreams are quite unforgettable.  Dark.  Fair.  Delectably severe,  She even leaves behind flowers for me to give her.  I dream of lilacs (her scent), and lilacs appear.  The woman who thinks of everything, even what gifts to give her.

She is a ghost now, Andreas.  But we both know that can lead to much more.

Come meet her.



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