The children stay obsessed with old clothes and secrets.  The clothes with which we associated them in 1995.  This is catastrophic, but I am trapped by reality.  What am I to tell them?  They are going to die and come back as some mysterious ghost to haunt Collinwood?

Tad and Carrie have scant mention in the family history.  That does not mean obscurity.  It means that something is obscured.  But why?

More pressing?  Carolyn’s list from 1995 is being fulfilled.  The ‘night of the sun and moon’?  There is a full, lunar eclipse this very evening.  Elizabeth has ordered a horoscope.  If constantly updated, is it ever finished?  That would be two of the six, leaving only four signs left.

Destiny is eroding any fair chance we might have.

For now.  I must keep reminding myself that.

This is why you’re here, old man.  For moments like this.  Don’t let them down, Barnabas.  You must not.  You have come too far.



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