Professor Stokes has arrived at Collinwood!  With no plans to leave for Europe, the future may already be changing in our favor.  So unlike his elderly counterpart, this Stokes is as enthusiastic, steadfast, and vigorous as always.  He even promises to speak to his niece, who remains uneasy in my company.

In the balance, Carolyn is still the crestfallen widow in the wake of Jebez’s death.  I spoke to her, somewhat circumspectly, of Dr. Longworth, and was glad to give a slim measure of comfort.  However, the shock of his loss and the proximity to his somewhat unusual qualities may have unleashed in her a capacity for seeing beyond our realm.  She has a keen sense of being watched, and I cannot help but fear that the voyeur is Gerard.

Julia and I went searching for information on any Daphne from the Victorian era.  We found a grave of a woman who would have been the age of the ghost we saw.  Her death? 1841.  Beside her grave?  One belonging to a Gerard Stiles.  The inscription was of living and dying in darkness.

Gerard: I am closing in.  You died once in darkness.  Perhaps Quentin, Stokes, and I can ensure that you stay there.



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