To come so close to the truth and have it snatched away!  Quentin received a note from Carolyn telling him that she would finally explain everything.  Clearly, the note had gone to the recipient least likely to avail himself of it, but I was more than happy to.

When we arrived at Collinwood to meet her, Dr. Hoffman and I found her dead, pen in hand.  I have rarely seen such fear in the eyes of another, and I have seen enough fear for a hundred lifetimes.  Did she the ghost of that man?  What else would it have been?

Immediately thereafter, the body vanished, to Julia’s inexplicable apathy.  Julia has been strangely resistant to all attempts to help.  When exploring the secret panel, the man’s ghost appeared to me, baring his sharp, evil visage.  But he did not harm me; I believe he cannot.

Carolyn was subsequently found in the playroom, flowers upon her chest.  As shocking as the image of her lifeless body was, I intend to prevent it in 1970.  If I can make the journey.  Gerard will be punished!



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