We struggle to piece together what happened so that we may prevent it.  From what I have determined, the disturbance was in 1970.  Quentin has arrived, as mad as Carolyn, and is of almost no help.  What’s most curious is the discovery of a playroom, seemingly untouched by time. As one of the designers of Collinwood, the appearances by these rooms (I am including the Parallel Time room) are deeply disturbing.  I would attribute them to renovations during my long sojourn in chained captivity — the subdivision of rooms or expansions  — however, examination of the blueprints and a visual inspection revealed that the exterior is exactly the same and the honeycombing of private passages remains wholly undisturbed.

These rooms cannot physically exist.

This is exactly like the Leviathan altar, which sat in a spot that I’d traversed hundreds of times without tripping over it.

Is this some ghostly world into which we travel as we pass through?  Certainly, it is an addition to our knowledge of the physical universe which we cannot yet quantify.

Unlike x-rays (an unknown force in my own time), these seem to be used with some kind of intent.  But what?

The playroom seems essential to our understanding.  Quentin, lunatic as he is, may have his memory stimulated by the sight.



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