Has Angelique won?  No, it’s preposterous.  I am having difficulty separating the Angelique from Parallel Time from my own.  In my own, the betrayal of Sky Rumson rendered her nearly benevolent.  How often I must remind myself of that as I gaze upon these cold bones of a house?  There was a time when she would have delighted in such a sight, as would have so many other.  etofi?  Perhaps.  Adam?  At times.  Judah Zachary?  According to family legend.  But not Angelique.  Even at her most toxic, all she wanted was to be mistress of this great house, not its destroyer.  Where was she in the catastrophe?

In the cottage with the Collins memorabilia, Carolyn appeared, and she was not looking her best.  Mad as a paint-snacking tot is more like it.  Nothing of value.  Records keepers are bereft… intentionally, and reportedly terrified.  Stokes seems in complete denial of what went on.  The one local to whom we spoke was terrified of his experience in the home.

We’ve been sufficiently warned away from the home.  Thus, we must investigate.



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