Why is fate so determined to offer me a chance at happiness only to destroy it right before my eyes?  Even Collinwood itself is a memory.

The room has thrust us into 1995 of its own accord.  From the names I have heard, it is 1995 of our own time.  But an hideously apocalyptic one.  Collinwood is in ruins.  The surviving elements have been preserved in a home nearby.

My portrait survives.

Mrs. Johnson is a gibbering madwoman far before the time I would have expected it, and reports that the family members are either dead or living far, far away.

The news is so startling, and I have become so inured to dealing with crises, that I am still investigating how this might have happened rather than mourning it.  If the past two years have taught me anything, it is that destiny here is as changeable as a schoolgirl’s emotions.  I have journeyed so far, so frequently, that their deaths and transitions are givens.  Those can be accepted.  What I cannot accept is when they do not follow nature’s timetable.  I cannot accept that one whit.

If anything these events help to distance my thinking from Roxanne.

The mission at hand is to learn how this happened, how we might prevent it, and how to manipulate the room to return us to 1970… main time, thank you.  Everything in nature acts according to laws.  The room is no exception.  Perhaps in this bold future, they will know those laws.

I may not have happiness, but I can forge victory.



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