When I saw Angelique, I thought I would never see it again.

When I saw Josette, I thought that no man could experience such wondrous fortune.

I have now lived for so long that I am now thrice blessed.

I cannot define beauty, for my examples of it are never the same.  I wish I could claim that it is only something that grows from time, acquaintance, and the meeting of minds.  However, there are times when a glance is enough to equal all of that and more.

What fools we mortals be.

Tonight, as we lifted the veil over the life source for Angelique, I saw such a woman.  No, she was not the aforementioned fool.  That was I.  This was a woman of such haunting loveliness that, even in repose, she was a perfection that I never knew possible.

My world is such a repository for ugliness.  Parallel Time is even worse.  To destroy a single thing of beauty within it is a crime which I will not tolerate.  She is not dead.  Not yet.  And while I live, I shall see to it that she does, too.

In the past, this would have been to have taken her for myself.  Now?  I simply want to know that such a woman can exist, and may do so in health and happiness.



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