Good Mr. Will Loomis abandoned his life rather than betray my secret.  Would the Willie Loomis from my time do the same?  I am crushed and elated that the answer is ‘yes.’  Am I deserving?  The answer is ‘no.’  But I soldier on, nonetheless.

Julia had a change of heart and we shall, together, attempt to revive the mysterious woman held captive to Angelique’s evil life.  Why am I so obsessed with hearing her speak and knowing who she is?

Pity?  Just to solve the mystery of her identity?  The hope that someone would do so for me?  No.  I think I love her.  Madness.  Why?

It is inexplicable.  I clearly know nothing of her, but I feel this as strongly as I have felt anything.  Love is the most joyful emotion imaginable, and it is the one that I wish I could live without.



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