Someone living in the mausoleum’s hidden room.  Will Loomis at my side.  Seeking a life force for another.  The cycles repeat.  The wheel turns.  Even in this new band of time.

We have elected to liberate the body that serves as Angelique’s life source.  I am convinced I can revive it, however, I must endeavour to do so without the aid of Dr. Hoffman.  She hides behind the mask of morality, but the eyes behind it are quite, quite green.  After so long, I will no longer be a prisoner of her jealousy.  I recall enough of Dr. Lang’s work to continue quite without her.  If Julia wishes for Angelique to continue her reign of menace and this poor cypher of a woman to listlessly dissipate, that is a matter for her own conscience to review.

I have lives to save, thank you.




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