I had broken into Angelique’s room.  I had seized the diary.  I had proof that Angelique had the power to transcend death.  And then, the impossible-possible happened; I found myself back in my own band of time.

Do I stay or do I return?  I already know the answer. Maggie’s life is in danger, and Quentin refuses to acknowledge this.  If I do not take action, she will die.  It matters not the era nor the “band” of time.  As I ponder it, it does not even matter that it is Maggie whose life is at stake.  There is an innocent human in trouble, and I have the knowledge to prevent it. It is untenable to ignore this.

My ignorance of the age makes it impossible for me to build ships.  The beast makes it impossible to build a life with love.  Thus, what am I?  What can I be?

Beasts abound.  I can slay them.  That is who I am, and that is what I can be.


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