Tremendous progress!  Now, if only I can return to my own time and undo all of it.  Family head, Quentin, knows much of the room, and has given me clear access… mostly.  He thinks me of this band, however, and given his unpredictable temper, I shall allow him to think me so.  This is especially true because of the rather distracting nature of Alexis, his former wife’s twin sister.  I failed to mention that she looks exactly like Angelique.  This provides me with a most bizarre opportunity, and one to flee post-haste.  Alexis Stokes (yes, Stokes) affords me the chance to revel in her beauty sans the danger of who she is in my band.  I had forgotten how comely she is, not the least of which originates from her wit and intensity, qualities so potent they even exist in a twin sister in a parallel universe.  That has some significance, but what?



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