I would like to blame Dr. Hoffman’s negligence or jealousy, and in the past, this would have been a ready response.  However, it would also be inaccurate. Or, at the least, correlated, but not causal.  She is no longer capable of taming the beast with her medical ministrations.  Fighting the thirst is akin to fighting the urge to breathe whilst drowning, something with which I had ample experience when keel-hauled by “Captain” Moxley’s sea-dogs off St. Croix.

Sabrina Stuart made the error of coming here.  I fed.

I no more hated her than I hated the air I breathed once I emerged from the brine.  The only thing I hate is Barnabas Collins.  If I could give Quentin a gun with silver bullets, I’d do it.



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