Q: Carolyn, in your book, you mention that your first husband had existed in more than one period of time.

A: Yeah, 1797.  From what I pieced together with Eliot, Jeb had cycled through several times, although his memory was cloudy.  Maybe it took the Leviathans more than once to get him right.  Maybe when he’d regress, his shifting wasn’t just in space, but time.  One of those times was in 1797, where something about him terrified Vicky into jumping off Widow’s Hill.  Peter Bradford was blamed, and that’s who came back to haunt him.  Unfortunately, he had to get in line.  I never would have said that a few years ago, but now?  Jeb was a very influential man.  I’m not sure how influenced I was or in what ways.  I don’t think I was in my right mind.  Funny, though, I was when I loved Adam.  Did you read his book?  He was very flattering.  That’s not how things went, you know, but Adam always was a romantic.

Excerpt from an interview with Colin Wilson.

Playboy Magazine, November 1978

(In conjunction with the publication of her first book, In My Mother’s House are Many Mansions.)


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