My reputation precedes me, especially when Barnabas insists on my treating him in the drawing room of the Old House with the windows wide open.  I love many things about him, but especially his naive perspective.  It doesn’t occur to him that anyone would dare spy on a Collins.  I am scared to point out that it’s a favorite sport on the grounds.

Bruno and Jeb saw me treating Barnabas, and instead of asking me to join them, or giving me a good, old-fashioned chloroforming, I was kidnapped by zombies.  I’ll give him points for the theatrical.  They took me to his place where Jeb “revealed” himself to me, which is far naughtier-sounding than it was. Was it hideous?  I guess.  I saw far worse in medical school; I don’t know what people are so upset about about.  If you’ve seen a colon and if you’ve seen a squid, and if you’ve seen a shark, you pretty much have it.  Distasteful more than unwatchable.

As it turns out, Jeb is more disturbed than anyone, and now expects me to cure him the way I cured Barnabas.  What he doesn’t know is that I never cured Barnabas.  I just tried.  Well, jeb, good luck.  Barnabas needed someone in the enemy camp, and he has it.

Jeb seems to want to be human.  Does this mean that he rejects the entire Leviathan agenda?  I’m a psychiatrist, first.  Manipulating minds isn’t just my job; it’s also a pleasure.



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