We now know what frightens Jeb as much as werewolves.  Ghosts.  (Or spirits?)  A crucial new piece has been placed on the chessboard.

Two, actually!  Good Mr. Loomis has returned!  Twice, really.  Seized with an attack of conscience, he begged to return to his fiancee.  Unlike in the past, this was from fidelity, not cowardice.  I can now see that my expert tutelage has reaped the dividends I inspired in him with each thoughtful tap of my silver-tipped “hickory stick” in the school of life.

What was more remarkable was that, having given and taken his leave, he returned, burning with a sense of mission as pungent as his bohemian pungency.  Perhaps a whiff or two will give Mr. Jeb Hawkes a third fear and a prime reason to cease breathing heavily!





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