Personal Report:

Transfer to Terran branch: delivered.  Lord Jebez = unguided.  Refusal of elevation to Elder Form is confirmed.  Simian units have been unsuitable guides.  Lord Jebez correction underway.  His resistance will be neutralized.

Primary mission: destroy Collins, Barnabas.

ASSURANCE: Initiation of Leviathan reinstatement will transpire within one lunar cycle or less.  Prepare for all promotional ceremonies.  Attached see plans for Terran Palace for Diabolos.

SIDE NOTE: Zachary Process continues.  While an independent initiative NOT on our timetable, it may prove useful.  Chart of temporal fracturepoints on subsection b.  He’s getting desperate.  This will cause him to act increasingly rashly.  Displacement of Winters to raise awareness of chaos element — Collins, Barnabas — unsuccessful.  Activation of Collins, Quentin to destroy chaos elemnent — Collins, Baranbas — unsuccessful.  Dimensional displacement readings from Collinwood suggest a pocket universe trap is being prepared.  This poses a high risk of temporal instability.  If those chronoton waves should collide with the displacement effect of Quentin Collins’ temporal transporter, the resulting shock could cause complete dimensional inversion.  All of this because he refused to put his curse on a more brisk timetable.  Ah, well, in either case, we win.  

Materials Requisition: Cloak of Mitran, 1 scepter (standard issue)



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