I have sent a number of samples over for analysis.  Put Iridian on the job, I think.  What is most unusual is the smell.  Very sweet.  My own aroma is that of aged leather and sage, while Dr. Hoffman has hints of toffee, black currant, and lime.  In other words, the odd and honied aroma was not of our production!  A bizarre clue.  It accompanied the chaos of Mr. Paul Stoddard’s death at the hands (or claws) of the unseen enemy.  My rumpus room was a complete shambles as a result of their bizarre attack upon him.  The autorecorder picked up the strange din of the attack, and my instamatic faithfully recorded each of the twisted and bloody sigils made about the room.  (Copies of all enclosed.)  Cavenaugh is quite WRONG about the sight of these occult signs as being cause for madness.  I gazed at them for hours and then had a sleep as sound as if I’d been shot by a rhino dart.

There’s cat in the bush and the rifle is drawn.


T Eliot Stokesfari



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