From Count Andreas Petofi: Exceeding the Grasp, an autobiographical gift of letters, lore, and lyrics.  Volume XX

Was it an onus to abandon the my naturally pleasing and curvaceous physique for the body of Quentin Collins?  Of course.  My natural body, although arguably ungainly in certain situations, maintained the tight density from my days as a wrestler, a sport at which Aristede could attest I was still quite adept… with the right mental and ritualistic preparation.  Gentle Reader, look to the full-bellied warrior-tribesmen of the savage regions; they will prove that the womanly eye does not naturally seek an intimidatingly tall and poorly-fed specimen of manhood.  Quite the opposite, as explained in my address before the Royal Society.

Nevertheless, I sacrificed my body in the name of the future, science, and the arts.  Always the arts.



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