Dear Barnabas,

Had the oddest meeting today, and you may never forgive me.  I spent time with Angelique just… talking.  Somewhere in there is a woman.  I know you say that a witch isn’t human.  It’s some kind of separate kind of life that only imitates what it remembers of humanity.  But if that’s so, how can she love?  She does.  She loves Quentin, and she loves you.  She’s just waiting to be loved in return.  Maybe that’s it.  Something like that would make a human sad.  Very sad.  We wouldn’t turn homicidal, though.  That may be where she shows her inhumanity.  All of that power, and it’s useless.  She doesn’t want to force people to love her, yet she has the power to leave them with no other options. But attracting someone without trying?  That’s something that we do without effort.  If I were Angelique, that would seem like the ultimate power because it would be the one power out of her reach.

Taking that a step further, what if her very inhumanity is what prevents people from loving her?  I’m not talking about something behavioral, Barnabas.  I’m talking about something biological.  Perhaps it’s something that triggers a natural aversion, the way many animals can sense predators.

I must study this.  It’s a perverse notion, but if I had a sample of her blood, I might be able to attempt a cure.

I’m glad you’re away.  I doubt we could have these conversations under any other circumstances.

Miss you,



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