Success!  And success in a fashion I never expected.  Julia somehow used the wands to propel herself completely back to 1897!  My letter, clutched in her hand, led to my liberation.  In an unfortunate turn, it appears that the good doctor’s mind did not accompany her body.  I can vividly recall the many times that such silence from her would have been a glittering prize worth all of the diamonds in South Africa.  Today, we need her to speak as if her blood coursed with Turkish coffee.

With Edward in deadly pursuit of me and Quentin’s potential murder in less than twenty-four hours, I am tortured at the thought of returning to my coffin.  Can Quentin survive?  If he is alive when I emerge, I will guard him with all of my might.  I will gladly die in his stead, and perhaps I shall.  Then Edward shall know what truly defines a Collins.




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