attorneys at law


To Whom It May Concern:

I, Even Hanley, of sound mind and body, murdered Mrs. Minerva Trask at the behest and aid and of her husband, the Reverend Gregory Trask.  To do so, I hypnotized one Timothy Shaw, schoolteacher at Worthington Hall, Rangely, Maine.  Mr. Shaw was instructed, when triggered by the sight of the Queen of Spades, responded to an hypnotic command to poison Mrs. Minerva Trask with a poison purchased from Magda Rakosi, Collins Hall, Collinsport, Maine.  The plot was crafted with the aid of the Dark Lord, Diabolos, and his children, Oberon and Haza, of the Leviathan master race.  This is with the complicity of the undersigned.

We are eager to take full responsibility for these heinous acts and suffer the full consequences of the law, although we shall lie under oath, thus being guilty of perjury and, most probably, resisting arrest and assaults on officers of the law.


Evan Hanley                         Gregory Trask

Evan Hanley

July 14, 1897


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