From Count Andreas Petofi: Exceeding the Grasp, an autobiographical gift of letters, lore, and lyrics.  Volume VII

My cuff buttons!  A gift from Queen Victoria, herself, for ample services rendered.

How often Aristede chided me for them.  So sorry I was for the misspelled name embroidered on his unmentionables, I granted him clemency for his specious cavils.

Yes, I have moments of foppery, but even when it results in my prosthetic hand being ripped from my arm and my secret identity revealed, fashion should never be compromised.  That is exactly what happened, and I had the same number of apologies for the event that I’ve ever had: none.

I denied it for a bit, but it allowed me to revel in my tale… that of the Unicorn, so eloquently recalled by me in the second volume of the treasure currently in your luckiest of hands.  At least you have two.  And if not, courage, my Youthful Friends.  And not a tiny dash of HELLFIRE!


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