From Count Andreas Petofi: Exceeding the Grasp, an autobiographical gift of letters, lore, and lyrics.  Volume VII

Our journey to the Battle Creek Sanitarium had, as you recall, gone askew by news that my last, missing appendage had made itself manifest!  Collinsport was ripe with possibility, and not from the antique fish being sold under the fine, Collins name.  My ward and I thought it would be a simple journey, the hand at last within reach.  Once there, we found the rocky terrain to be fertile with more than just werewolves.  There were gypsies galore, eye-teasing sorceresses, vampires, and a craftsman who would fashion a penny-farthing to my most unique and private of needs.  As we’ve covered, I am a great one for thrift in all things and the rhapsodic enjoyment of a successful ruse.  When the staunch ignoramus at the helm of the sinking business, Edward Collins, offered to let me stay in Collinsport at his sumptuous home, who was I to argue.  So many agendas to be fulfilled.  Moreover, there was trouble to be had.  And in the words of many great men, it is our only defense against boredom.

I quickly took to Collinsport, crafted my delights, and sent my regards to the boys in England that HELLFIRE! was in Collinsport to stay.




One Comment on “794”

  1. Stephen July 7, 2013 at 10:31 pm #

    Petofi feels fun to write.

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