On Laura’s behalf, Wilkins now seems insistent that I use “my powers” (the meaning of which I do not fully fathom given that I have yet to receive an instructional manual detailing their extent).  He wishes me to revive a spellbound, Egyptian fire demon goddess.  When Angelique cursed me with this affliction, she ensured anyone that I loved would die, but she failed to include the words, “and I give you the power to revive spellbound, Egyptian fire demon goddesses.”

Perhaps I missed something in that most painful of moments in my life, and illiterate farm hand Wilkins is attuned to that which I am not.  Who can say?

Miss Judith Collins is now in his thrall, for reasons unfathomable to me, and this has further driven Edward into a vampire-hunting frenzy.  I would normally remain unbothered by this, however, his nettlesome sense of “always doing the right thing” and “work ethic” will make him a tiresomely inevitable opponent.

I shall emerge triumphant.  This is a setback, though, and I will concede that it is salubrious to my spirits when the stiff-necked and myopic choose not to take up arms against a my sea of troubles.  Inevitably, I will be forced to oppose and end them.

Wilkins, put down the plow and paintbrush — it is your turn.  Mr. Edward Collins?  You are on my list.


ps — Both have moustaches!  Coincidence?  Must investigate.


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