Dear Jameson,

Enjoying these letters as an adult?  I hope you have the right context for them.  Today was a good day for me, a bad day for the good Reverend Trask, and a mixed bag for mumsy.  I was thrilled to see her (I suspect) set fire to Maine’s answer to the Andersonville camp, Worthington Hall, and good for mom for fishing you out.  Good for us, too, for finding an item that might very well save you when she decides to light you up, as well.

Jameson, my hope is that, when you read these, you’ll be as far from Collinwood as possible.  Please, my friend, move to Paris.  Just avoid this place.  Only the promise of “Grandmamamama’s” millions would have lured me back.

Ultimately, it wasn’t enough, but now I’m in the soup!




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