Dear Jameson.

Tonight, we will have taken a voyage into the future.  It’s quite a power!  The world, my friend, is so limited, and your education?  So minor.  I hope that when you read these, looking back, you will see that I did what I could to expand it.

Mr. Hanley and I follow what I hope you will have followed us onto: the left-hand path!  If the right hand is used to wave and sign petty documents, the left is used to create action and change!  These are the sort of men we are, and that is the sort of fellow I’m sure you shall be.  Tonight, your introduction to a vast and amazing world begins.  Welcome!

By the time you read this, you shall be a man in full.  Perhaps we shall be on adventures, together?  In Bali?  The wilds of Canada?  Ancient temples in far away Egypt?  But every journey begins with a single step… and on the LHP, you have but adventure, knowledge, and dignity.

I salute you!




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