Using mother’s jewelry (once again, a gift from father of far greater value than he had ever guessed), I have gained entry to the chambers of the Collins matriarch.  They speak of a family secret.  Perhaps that might be en essential clue. My current plan is simply to amass information.  Why did Quentin die, and die, sealed in a room, under circumstances so acrimonious that his ghost would take revenge in the “present”?  Well, put that way, I would be in a foul humor as well if I’d been sealed into a room for eighty years.  In fact, I was, and I suppose I did a form of haunting of my own. On his present course, there are numerous people who might be moved to kill Quentin.  Both of his siblings — the fine and proper Edward and Judith — might simply murder the obsequious oaf to get a decent night’s sleep without needing a cheese-knife secreted under their pillows as protection from him.  If matriarch Edith did so, it might simply be to silence his attempts to insinuate himself into the will.  Or for the raw satisfaction of it.  Truly, if Nathan the Eel and that Irish Irritant, Jason McGuire, were capable of producing an offspring, it would be saintly compared to that Muttonchopped Miscreant. I vow it: if he pulls a sword on me once more, Ill rid us all of him quick as boiled asparagus, and thus truly solve the mystery! BC


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