The family has moved into the Old House.  Now, I truly feel as if I’m that master of the family that Joshua always envisioned.  The circumstances could not be worse, however, the sense of responsibility feels like a well-crafted glove, ready to clad the hand of the master.  Whether I’ve earned it or not, I am that master.

My assumption had always been that life at Collinwood after my death was one of peace, prosperity, and only the standard measures of domestic catastrophe.  Once the full wrath of Angelique and Trask have been experienced, it is hard to conceive of worse conditions.  I know that Joshua was a master of sculpting the family narrative to suit out best interests.  That others would do it — or need to — is a testament to my stunning obliviousness.  I have identified one Quentin Collins, d. 1897 prior to a trip to Paris.  His appearance (in the last photo taken) matches the man seen by nearly everyone at the epicenter of this haunting.  Yes, Quentin, you went to Paris as much as I went to England.  So, what really happened?

And why have you chosen to wait eighty years to make your presence manifest?  What could have gone on in 1897?

More importantly, why us?  Yes, we’ve had enemies, but so does every family.  We, however, seem to be our own worst enemies.

How far must I go to stop this.  I feel like the head of the family.  Certainly, I am the most , ahem, senior member, but that title really hangs best on Roger.  I am expendable.  How can I use that to my advantage?  And why do I care?

I care because I helped to design and build that house.  I have given up too much and made too many compromises to secure the future of this family.  And I dislike a bully, whether they be named Trask, Blair, Bouchard, or (most especially) Collins.



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