The strain on Mr. Jennings is showing as the transformations deviate from what was a reliable pattern.  Would the amulet have saved him?  I so wish that I could take him into my confidence and tell of my own travails.  That memory is still one that makes me feel so very, very alone when I allow it to dominate my thoughts.  I suspect he feels the same way.

Loneliness is so much more tolerable when there’s someone else present.

The ghosts of Collinwood grow restless, with furniture being thrown and smashed in the Drawing Room.  Again, why?  And why is it building to such a deafening crescendo.  No matter what horrors have victimized those at Collinwood, now I feel as if Collinwood, herself, were the victim.  Was David picked because he was the loneliest of all.

Loneliness kills if those around do not band together to battle its temptations.

I feel as if our adversaries are gambling that we will be unable to do so.  It is time to prove them wrong.



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