A seance led to the spirit of a medium accusing murder, followed by Doctor Hoffman’s hypnosis of Mr. Jennings (uneventful), and a decision to expose him as a werewolf should we not be able to cure him.

It was after this point that the day took a turn for the outré.  It then became a day of strange import and monument!

The strange, feminine ghost who had saved Mr. Jennings once before now appeared to him in the woods and led him to a site, instructing him to dig.  I, of course, am a man of no little might, and it must have been this quality which led him to seek me out — for guidance.  I shall ensure that his excavation is a success.

She has a reason, but what?  Why have we become pawns in a phantom game… and are they associated with the ghost of Josette?  Perhaps we are being led to a hidden burial site for Mrs. Clark.

What is the nature of the mosaic into which we’ve been fixed?





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