Ghosts of the past abound!  Now, the gentleman is joined by a woman,  These matters both engage my senses and extract a bemused sigh.  In the case of a vampire, werewolf, or even a witch, there’s meat on the bones whereupon a combatant may strike.  With a ghost, they seem to have limitless power — including poisoning, it seems, Mr. Jennings.  And yet, can my readied cane “negotiate” with them?  No, and again, I say never.

As repulsive as I was, there existed a cathartic satisfaction in bashing the tar out of Young Loomis when opportunities for reflection were called for.  I can still hear the “Coro di zingari” from IL TROVATORE ringing in my ears.

Young Loomis, there were times when you were my anvil and your misdeeds, my Verdi.

I can bide no nostalgia this night.  While Mr. Jennings survived his transformation, the number of nights of ‘full moon’ has yet to be correctly estimated.  Most importantly, the attempt to poison him must be addressed.



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