Just as those in my thrall are released when my powers are relinquished, so then are those under the spell of Angelique.  Indeed, when Victoria was hanged, she was quite under Angelique’s protection.  And when Good Ben lured her into a trap and we set her ablaze, Victoria was revived.

Yes, set her ablaze.  My reasons are many.  A mercy killing.  Protection.  And yes, a dash of revenge.

With Victoria and Mr. Clark (or Bradford, although I’ve known him longer by the other name) reunited, I sent them off to a sun-drenched future in the west.  Perhaps with a note regarding various ways in which they might profit from the 1812 war.  I confirm nor deny such an act.  Preventing it is beyond even my power.  Avoiding it and investing wisely around it?  Quite possible.

And now, to my fond farewell to the sight and scent of Good Mr. Ben.  With precautions.




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