Every indication dictates that I must journey back in time.  There is no other alternative or else Mrs. Clark shall die.

Doctor Hoffman, however, counters my efforts at every turn.

It has been a long, long time since I have given proper exercise to my “cane arm,” and I find the concept of striking any kind soul, much less a woman, to be abhorrent.  However, the source of my frustration is Julia Hoffman and thus, is exempt from both of those categories.

I indulge in a moment of satire, of course.  But she has opposed me at every turn as if she wanted Mrs. Clark to die.  Well, Julia, should you ever find yourself in a similar circumstance, I shall show the same lack of logic toward you that you currently accuse me of showing Mrs. Clark.  Savor that magnanimity, my medical malcontent!

No, Julia’s common sense is just a mask for cowardice, and her defiance of the idea is all the proof I need to enter the fray!



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