(Cue the clarion call!)

And for my next trick… every magician needs a lovely assistant: Beth!

Study us carefully!  Will you be us or us, you?  Either way, the Victrola trumpet sounds us to action.

Orders of the day in Fool the Family:

1.  New uniforms in Captain Quentin’s Collinwood Combat Corps!  Those are smart!

2.  New code names!

3.  Let’s do something about these dusty bones in my chair.  Show those crusty Collinses what’s what by giving them a proper burial!  Fallen soldier killed in combat; he deserves it, Colonel!  Drop that anchor so the ship can sail!  (What military are we in, anyway, boy-o?)

4.  Nighttime operations continue to be a success.  Vaudeville Merriment for Edward?  He’s a lover of music hall tomfoolery, make no mistake.  Ready the stage!  I’ll man the kettle drum, Jameson, you take the cymbals.

And let the games begin!





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