Dear Jameson and Nora!


Good, my friends.  You’ve found me!  You’re playing games, though.  strange dress-up — did Magda give you those clothes — and dramatics the likes of which would impress Mr. Barnum, himself! “David” and “Amy.”  Fine, I’m up for a good game.  But I must get you used to me.  You seem scared of me, sometimes, and I guess I’d be scared, too, if I’d had to dig through a wall to find me.  I know I was quite the sight when you outsmarted my captors, but now, as you’ll see, I’m feeling more myself.

I’m not sure what Trask is doing to you, however.  I know he likes his strange medicinals, but your hearing is in real jeopardy.  Were we standing a bit too close to the calliope, lately?  The brass band in Collins Square’s gazebo can get a tad noisy, but it’s fun when you can feel it in your molars!  Well, that’s okay.  I’m speaking up, and it seems like you can hear me.  If not, this is my impressions of things.  If you can read this, write back on the back and then we won’t lack for a means (charge!) of attack!

Okay, team, time to strategize.  Now, I know that you two are right in the noggins, but I’m unsure about the rest of those birds.  Really.  Could it be a gypsy curse?  This time, Uncle Q’s not fooling!  If Fort Collinwood is under siege, let’s shore up the attack.  Meet at HQ tonight and take precautions.

“General” Uncle Quentin


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