Nicholas, darling,

How does it feel to be the poster child for poor timing and terrible judgement?  By the time you read this, it will all be too late, and the only regrettable thing about that is missing the expression on your face.  Such a shame, too, because it will be your third, right after Smug and Intimidating.

Sisterhood is powerful, dear brother.  You really expected to take away all of my powers?  Very well, but you really should lock up your props, trinkets, mirrors, swords, and medallions.  Those can be used by anyone… even vampires.  And they can be used on anyone.  Including Eve, the agent you choose to send who is so love-struck that she willingly lets a near-stranger — completely untrustworthy — send her back to 1795 to visit… well, I’ll leave some mystery for you.

When I get all of my powers back, and I will, I am going to invest a lot of my time in destroying your life with Miss Evans.





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