I have only found myself in this position because of where and when I have found myself.

I find myself venturing out into the night, poisoned needle in hand, attempting to stop an agent of darkness from unleashing an unspeakable plan onto all of humanity by assassinating a beautiful woman, reanimated from the grave, and possessed by the spirit of the greatest murderess in all of France.  Of these things, I am certain.

Let me amend that.  I am certain about the poisoned needle.

The rest?  We shall see.  How do I find myself in these Quixotic roles?  Coincidence?  Circumstance?  Perhaps.  Penance, certainly.  That is a ledger that I shall never clear.  How many lives must I save to compensate for those I have taken?  I am accountable for those, yes, and for all of the lives they may have created, saved, and touched.  I am accountable to an history that never happened due to the beast.  It was a beast I fed and a beast I chose to liberate.  I should have walked into the core of the sun.  I did not.  And so I find myself charging into an inferno of a decidedly different variety.





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